Company Culture
On June 18, 2019,
as the main listed company, it officially changed its name to Joy Kie Corporation Limited.

In just two decades, Joykie people have created their own development speed. Formerly known as Hangzhou Joykie Industry and Trade Co., Ltd., it was founded in 1997. It started from foreign trade of bicycles. Now it has completed the gorgeous turn from export to manufacturing, domestic sales to brand export, and products to sports ecology. The first echelon of the industry's comprehensive strength.

  • Happy work, happy life
    Enjoy Work, Enjoy Life
    Work and life, such as the two ends of a balance, arrange work reasonably and fully enjoy life in order to calmly face all opportunities and challenges and live your own wonderful life in the journey of life!
  • Happy work, happy life
    Enjoy Work, Enjoy Life
    Concept: speed, quality, innovation, safety, scale, efficiency
  • Happy work, happy life
    Enjoy Work, Enjoy Life
    It is our corporate goal to benefit from righteousness and lasting for a century. Honesty, treating others with righteousness and profiting from the right path are our company principles.
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JoyKie Joysun Joyshine
JoykieCorporation Limited

Joykie, born in Shanghai in 1997, is a bicycle-based foreign trade export company. Joykie is the homonym of "97" and "Joykie", which contains the best wishes of the four founders to the company.

The company revolves around bicycles, a sport that has a long history and is full of vitality, adhering to the business philosophy of "profit by righteousness, enduring for a century", and provides high-quality products and services to Jiuqi's global customers.

  • Stroller brand
  • Cart brand
  • Bicycle Parts Brand
Bicycle spare parts, baby carriages, adult cars, electric cars, etc. are exported. At the same time, it will drive other related products, such as motorcycles, auto parts, and various light industrial products.
Bicycle spare parts, baby carriages, adult cars, electric cars, etc. are exported. At the same time, it will drive other related products, such as motorcycles, auto parts, and various light industrial products.
Bicycle spare parts, baby carriages, adult cars, electric cars, etc. are exported. At the same time, it will drive other related products, such as motorcycles, auto parts, and various light industrial products.
(Zhejiang)BicycleManufactory Co.,Ltd.

JoySun (Zhejiang)Bicycle Manufactory Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as "Joysun"), with the English name "JOYSUN", was established in June 2003 and is a wholly-owned limited liability company. Committed to the research and development and production of various bicycles, strollers, trolleys and automobile and motorcycle accessories. By the end of 2006, the company's vehicle production capacity had reached 1 million units.

  • JoySun is located in the Huzhou Moganshan High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Deqing County, in the central plain of Hangjiahu Lake in the north of Zhejiang. It is adjacent to the famous mountain resort Mogan Mountain to the west, 3 6 KM from Hangzhou to the south, 40 KM from Huzhou to the north, and close to Shanghai and Suzhou. There are Hangzhou-Ningbo Expressway and 104 National Highway in the surrounding area, so the traffic is very convenient. It is a key backbone enterprise in Huzhou City and a key project promotion enterprise in Deqing County.

    JoySunwill further guide the enterprise on the road of standardization, institutionalization, and scientification. The management ideas will advance with the times. The company will gradually become a large-scale factory with considerable production capacity and strong economic power, and become a high-grade, A modern enterprise with leading technology, influential in the same domestic industry, and strong competitiveness in the international market.

    "Implement execution and improve competitiveness" ,That is to provide customers with the best quality and service towards the goal of competing with the world, and implement the whole factory operation process in accordance with IS0900 1:2015, which provides a perfect quality guarantee for the sample design to the final customer service. Under the business philosophy of "creating profits and giving back to the society", the company will do its best to serve our customers with the best products, best quality and best prices.

  • Goal and philosophy
    JoySun is willing to create a better tomorrow with you!

    With its superior product quality, novel and unique styles, and combined with the sales network of Joykie, JoySun Automobile is sold to more than 50 countries in Europe and America. Relying on the rich local materials in Deqing and the excellent economic environment in East China, we are determined to build a professional bicycle manufacturer with vertical integration. Joyson has established an industrial park integrating auto parts, autos and motorcycles in the surrounding area.

    Factory construction equipment:The company's current annual production capacity has reached 2 million units through several technological transformations. The factory site is set up with four-spray and five-baked paint line, powder line, machine welding, knitting rim, pre-assembly line, SKD assembly, parts, warehouse, finished product warehouse, etc. The total length of the hanging chain on the top is more than 3,000 meters, and all tooling The three largest bicycles in Guangdong, Tianjin, Jiangsu and Zhejiang are comparable with famous domestic enterprises.

    FactoryThere are a total of 500 employees, including a strong quality and technical team, which integrates industrial design, practicability and safety requirements, realizes the vertical integration of product manufacturing, and serves customers with different needs more diversified. At present, "Joysun" bicycles with 10- to 28-inch specifications can be manufactured worldwide. And in two years' new product development, we will strive to achieve the leading position of domestic baby carriages.

Joy Shine Imp. & Exp.Co.,Ltd.

(称“久祥公司”,英文“JOYSHINE”) was established in 2008.1t is a large private joint- stock company, mainly engaged in import and export business. The company's main products are all kinds of bicycles and their spare parts, all kinds of motorcycles and their spare parts, electrical machinery materials, metal materials, auto parts and so on.

Since the establishment of the company, its products have been sold in more than 100 countries, almost all over the world. In many countries, our products and services have won praise from customers all over the world. We have won customers with high-quality products and a happy and sincere attitude. Company leaders and every employee require "righteousness, integrity", and the principle of "integrity-based, righteousness, and righteousness" as the criterion. Another important point is "happiness". We want all to buy company products People who sell products to the company can get happiness from Joy Shine.

About Joy Shine

•"Customer- centric" service spirit
•"Reducing customer operating costs" as the fundamental service goal
•"Service model based on" partnership, win-win strategy”
•"Service society, customer service" as its service tenet

Our philosophy
Zhongmin Building in Guodongyuan Lane

The founder of the company leads every employee of the company todayand in the future to reduce the customer's operating costs as the goal, toprovide customers with "safety, quality, innovation, scale, efficiency" andsat isfactory services.

"people oriented"

JOYSHINE will continue to focus on the global market, through the effective integration of operating capital and human capital, and diversified development to maximize employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction, maximize corporate benefits, and maximizesocial benefits and social contributions.

Corporate culture and planning

Corporate culture and policies are indispensable to company operations, especially for companies like Jiuxiang. Studying corporate culture and rules and regulations and adapting to team building will help you to work in an orderly and successful manner. To give full play to their talents. When we work together, for a common goal, we must work together and learn the cultural knowledge of the company together. We will work hard together, learn together, and grow together!