Joy Shine

Imp. & Exp.Co.,Ltd.

(称“久祥公司”,英文“JOYSHINE”) was established in 2008.1t is a large private joint- stock company, mainly engaged in import and export business. The company's main products are all kinds of bicycles and their spare parts, all kinds of motorcycles and their spare parts, electrical machinery materials, metal materials, auto parts and so on.

About Joy Shine

Since the establishment of the company, its products have been sold in more than 100 countries, almost all over the world. In many countries, our products and services have won praise from customers all over the world. We have won customers with high-quality products and a happy and sincere attitude. Company leaders and every employee require "righteousness, integrity", and the principle of "integrity-based, righteousness, and righteousness" as the criterion. Another important point is "happiness". We want all to buy company products People who sell products to the company can get happiness from Joy Shine.

Corporate culture and planning:

Corporate culture and policies are indispensable to the operation of the company, especially for companies like Jiuxiang. Working hard to learn corporate culture and rules and regulations and adapt to team building will help you to work successfully and in an orderly manner. To give full play to their talents. When we work together, for a common goal, we must work together and learn the cultural knowledge of the company together. We will work hard together, learn together, and grow together!
  • •"Customer- centric" service spirit"

  • •"Reducing customer operating costs" as the fundamental service goal"

  • •"Service model based on" partnership, win-win strategy"

  • •"Service society, customer service" as its service tenet"

  • Zhongmin Building in Guodongyuan Lane

    The founder of the company leads every employee of the company todayand in the future to reduce the customer's operating costs as the goal, toprovide customers with "safety, quality, innovation, scale, efficiency" andsat is factory services.

  • "People Oriented"

    JOYSHINE will continue to focus on the global market,through the effective integration of operating capital and human capital, and diversified development to maximize employee satisfaction and customer satisfaction, maximize corporate benefits, and maximizesocial benefits and social contributions.